Where is Vava’u?
Vava’u is a small island group (Population 12,000) one hour by plane from Nuku’alofa which is the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga (Population 100,000). Exact location is (18°43' S / 174°8’W)
How do I get there from Nuku'alofa?
The domestic flight is booked through Real Tonga: http://www.realtonga.to Email: booking@realtonga.to
Phone: +676 23777 Mon - Fri (08:30 – 17:00) Sat (08:30 – 14:00)
Cost is T$295.00 one way.
Do you take groups?
Yes. We are available to take small specialised groups.
Do you do packages?
Yes. Let us know your needs and we will customise a package to suit.
We offer exclusive holiday homes, live aboard and other local accommodation depending on your preference and your budget. We are experts when dealing with the local airlines and can recommend the best and/or cheapest travel and accommodation options.
Where should I stay?
There are numerous recommended places to stay. Check out the web sites of several accommodation options to give you some idea of what is available. We can make all bookings and see to all your needs.
www.VavauHolidayHomes.com Arrange a group and book into one of the lovely holiday homes on the Port of Refuge Harbour. A home away from home. Relax after a day out with the whales, enjoy the view over a freshly cooked BBQ and a glass of wine. Pick up can be easily arranged from your dock.
www.HarbourViewResort.com On the shores of the famous Port of Refuge Harbour, in the village of Toula. A quiet location, with eight spacious self-contained bungalows, enjoy stunning harbour views and the beautiful tropical garden. Two bungalows also have a connecting door to allow for family accommodation. A special whale watch rate is available when booking with Kiwi Magic. Units are normally T$180.00 per night but a booking with Kiwi Magic will enable guests to receive a 30% discount.
www.MysticSands.net Motel type accommodation on the water. Easy pickup by Kiwi Magic on your whale swim day.
www.ReefResortVavau.com Four very private detached bungalows, have large sundecks and spectacular ocean views. Perfect for homeymooners, couples. A luxury Boutique Island Resort in Tonga. Amazing food at the beachside gourmet restaurant.
www.TheTongan.com Twelve beachfront rooms, private balconies with ocean/harbour views. Resort restaurant and bar, 10 minutes drive to Neiafu township.
www.MandalaIsland.com is an idyllic private island treehouse and beach accommodation experience in a tranquil beach setting, the perfect place to stay and enjoy your vacation holiday or honeymoon. Easy to arrange a pick up by car and deliver to Kiwi Magic dock.
How far is it to a restaurant and other shops, banks etc?
From most accommodation places it is 5 to 10 minutes’ drive. Some are walking distance from the town (Neiafu).
What is the local currency?
Tongan Pa’anga. Local banks can exchange any funds at the rate of the day. USD rate is approx. 61c AUD .64c NZD .72c
What should I bring, to maximise my stay?
Most people bring some new books to read, casual summer clothes, some special foodie treats, sunglasses, snorkel gear, etc.
Is there Internet?
Yes, Nei’afu has several Internet cafes with broadband connections, although speeds are often slower than overseas.
Should I bring my mobile phone?
Yes it can be very useful here, and you can buy a local sim card for about T$5.00, including airtime then it is simple and relatively cheap to receive or make calls to your home or for local use.
What is suitable clothing for Vava’u?
Casual summer clothes, sunglasses, swim wear, sandals, hats, that’s it!
Can you give some idea of living costs?
Here’s a few rough indicators: (variations between stores and bars etc. of course)
Heineken Beer (bar price) T$5. Can of Coke T$1.80; Large bottle water T$2, Pizza T$22, café meal T$20, Lobster meal T$45, Ribeye steak meal t$40, watermelon (whole) T$8, pineapple T$5, taxi 5km T$10, bottle of wine (store) T$28 or (Restaurant) T$ 60
Can I rent a car?
Yes, ranges from US$30 (approx. T$50.00) per day plus fuel
How long can I stay there on a Visitor’s visa?
Initial visa is one month but easily extended to 6 months one month at a time. Please ensure that your passport has six months still to run before expiry as you will not be allowed to travel.
What languages are mainly spoken in Tonga?
Tongan and English, all public offices speak good English. Some people speak German, some Italian.
How can I change money in Vava’u?
There are 3 banks and Western Union offices, plus ATM machines and credit card facilities.
What is the medical care like?
There is a local hospital, plus a private doctor and a pharmacy. Facilities are basic. You should bring any medication you may need for your stay.
Is Vava’u a safe place to visit?
We have found it to be a very safe place to live having been in Tonga for more than 20 years.

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About Keith and Kiwi Magic

Keith and Kiwi Magic have been fishing the waters of Vava'u since 1991.  They were the first to be issued a sport fishing and whale watching licence and as such have pioneered sport fishing in Vava'u. Keith has twenty four years experience fishing the waters of Vava'u and can offer a professional and happy charter to both experienced and inexperienced anglers, whether they are ladies, men or juniors.