Where is Vava’u?
Vava’u is a small island group (Population 12,000) one hour by plane from Nuku’alofa which is the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga (Population 100,000). Exact location is (18°43' S / 174°8’W)
How do I get there from Nuku'alofa?
Do you take groups? 
Do you do packages?
How far is it to a restaurant and other shops, banks etc?
What is the local currency?
What should I bring, to maximise my stay?
Is there Internet?
Should I bring my mobile phone?
What is suitable clothing for Vava’u?
Can you give some idea of living costs?
Can I rent a car?
How long can I stay there on a Visitor’s visa?
What languages are mainly spoken in Tonga?
How can I change money in Vava’u?
What is the medical care like?
Is Vava’u a safe place to visit?

Business Info

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About Keith and Kiwi Magic

Keith and Kiwi Magic have been fishing the waters of Vava'u since 1991.  They were the first to be issued a sport fishing and whale watching licence and as such have pioneered sport fishing in Vava'u. Keith has twenty four years experience fishing the waters of Vava'u and can offer a professional and happy charter to both experienced and inexperienced anglers, whether they are ladies, men or juniors.