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  • Pioneer operator in Vavau – Tonga with 24 years experience fishing the waters of Vava’u.

  • Regarded as one of the best Blue Marlin Fisheries in the World

  • Fish for Blue Marlin, Sailfish, mahimahi,Yellowfin Tuna with KIWI MAGIC – based in Vava’u 12 months of the year.

  • Top Record Holder - 11 of 20 National and Vava'u Sportfishing Club Billfish records held by KIWI MAGIC.

  • Sportfishing in Vava’u- Kingdom of Tonga on board KIWI MAGIC

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Keith and Kiwi Magic

have been fishing the waters of Vava'u since 1991.  They were the first to be issued a sport fishing and whale watching licence and as such have pioneered sport fishing in Vava'u. Keith has twenty four years experience fishing the waters of Vava'u and can offer a professional and happy charter to both experienced and inexperienced anglers, whether they are ladies, men or juniors.
  • Holders of the Ladies All Tackle Yellow-fin Tuna Records, with fish of 69.7kg 

  • We encourage and promote tag and release.